Welcome to W.A.S.P
Waikato Air Soft Professionals 

New Zealand

W.A.S.P. ( Waikato Air Soft Professionals) are a new association of friendly, like-minded Airsoft Shooters in the Waikato Region of New Zealand who formed a group in Feb/Mar 2015 for the purpose of socializing, playing Airsoft and encouraging family participation in this up and coming sport.
We had some excellent help from members of the TAH (Taupo Airsoft Hawks) club who donated their time and expertise in coming up with a terrific looking patch for our members to wear with pride and also videoing our first open invite game and getting it put up on Youtube for us. We are definitely a family based Airsoft association of people that encourages the safe use of airsoft guns in the community.
The events that we run are based around having fun as a family in a safe environment. We run a combination of Mil-Sim, (Military Simulation) CQB, (Close Quarter Battle) and VC Trail battles, as well as some Themed Days which are always a laugh. We like to support other clubs by getting a team together and doing a road trip around the Waikato to the various clubs to shoot the crap out of them from time to time. We don’t do politics in our group, we play fair by calling our hit’s and we all get on like a house on fire. Our official Club Uniform is the Brit Woodlands Camo uniform for our away trips.

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